Who We Are.

Perfection Stainless Fabrication, Inc. is a custom design metal fabrication company servicing the Kern County area and the rest of California.  We specialize in commercial fabrication and installation of food service equipment. Whether we are working directly with an Architect, Interior design consultant, or Home Owner, we will treat your home as our own.  Perfection Stainless will fabricate and install your products using only the highest quality materials like 304/316 stainless steel, copper, and galvanized bonded materials. As the only NSF certified shop in Kern County, our goal is to build our clients the most cost effective, durable, safe and sanitized kitchen products on the market.

Your Design, Our Craftsmanship

From extremely durable kitchen cabinets, stainless steel countertops, stainless steel wall shelving, and custom kitchen  hoods, to hood liners, walk-in boxes, exhaust hoods, and rain gutters, we will perfect your project from start to finish. We service and collaborate with General Contractors, Designers, Home Owners, and Architects. Some of the clients we are proud to work with in Bakersfield City are: Bakersfield City School District, Grimmway Farms, Lerdo Detention Center, Klassen Corporation, JTS Construction,  Colombo Construction, Ordiz-Melby Architects to name a few.

Our work.

Walk-In Boxes Perfection stainless 5
Walk-In Boxes Perfection stainless 4
Walk-In Boxes Perfection stainless 6
Walk-In Boxes Perfection stainless 3
Utility Distribution Systems Perfection Stainless 1
Utility Distribution Systems Perfection Stainless 2
Utility Distribution Systems Perfection Stainless 3
Stainless Steel Tables Perfection Stainless 6
Stainless Steel Sinks Perfection Stainless 13

What sets us apart?

We are a certified, small business in the State of California. We are also registered with the state to work on “Public Works” projects. We have many years’ experience with labor compliance programs and can comply with state requirements.

Labor compliance is not a small task. It requires a vast amount of training and experience to comply with regulatory requirements. Perfection Stainless Fabrication has been working as a prime or subcontractor on “Public Works” projects for over 42 years.

What sets Perfection Stainless Fabrication apart is our attention to detail.  Things as small as the way our penetrations are made in your countertops are not small our insignificant to us. We add flanges to countertop penetrations for extra security, thus producing much more sanitary products. With unflanged penetrations in your countertop or shelf food, liquids or other debris falls through easily, which makes unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

Our attention to detail is evident throughout our company.  Perfection Stainless Fabrication, Inc. has three generations of experience in the metal fabrication industry and over 105 years of experience in this field. We are always looking for ways to improve and better serve our customers and the company. Our company is known for our high durability, non-corrosive products, and competitive pricing.

Furthermore, all of Perfection Stainless Fabrication’s employees are highly motivated, exceptionally trained, and quality conscious.  In fact, many of our employee’s volunteer from 120 to 800 hours a year due to their love of their community. Whether you need five of five hundred cabinets, your PSF representative will give you the dedicated time and attention you deserve to help you through all the aspects of your project design, fabrication, and installation.